April 11, 2020 Pratt Brooklyn Engineering Building Rm 307

Pratt Free School is a day of free classes open to the public and taught by alumni from the Pratt Graduate Communications Design Department. This year’s theme is INTERACT. The curriculum investigates interaction as it relates to design in a variety of interpretations: interactive media, social interaction, co-creation, and more!

The day includes seven classes on a range of design topics beginning at 10am. Lunch and some Free School swag will be provided. Designers and non-designers alike are welcome! Sign up for as many classes you plan to attend. RSVP to reserve your spots here.

WHYDesign 10am-11am Caroline Matthews Senior Designer LeadDog Marketing Annie Sexton Interactive Designer MSDS

Do big problems really call for big solutions? Can designers really save the world? Through examination of case studies and a hands-on experiment, this workshop will look at the interaction of design and social causes, exploring the seemingly simple question: "Why?"

Designing Meaningful Interactions 11am-Noon Amanda Sepanski Designer + Educator John Hallman Communications Designer

Visual design can easily be positioned in a
way to streamline communication and create meaningful interactions between people. In this workshop, participants will outline a set of decisions or life events that they have experienced and represent them visually, allowing for a cross-comparison between themselves and their peers.

Interaction as a storytelling tool noon-1pm tania lili communications designer francisco outon creative director

Our interaction with the world says a lot about who we are and where we come from. Our daily lives are full of synergy from objects to people we are interacting in every moment of every day. With every intervention that we make within a space we connect and generate an effect on our surroundings. In short: we tell a story. In this workshop we are going to analyze those interactions and co-create a story with hypertext. 

1+1=3 Collaborative Design 2pm-3pm John Olson Graphic Designer Interbrand Alejandro Torres Viera Interactive Designer Suka Creative

Nothing is created in a vacuum. Often the most exciting and surprising design solutions come from collaborating with others: diverse teams of creative problem solvers. We will explore collaboration as a design methodology through collage and image making. This class will spend time to work together, learn from each other, and create.

Design beyond the middle man 3pm-4pm Barbara Abbes designer at bloomsbury publishing and lecturer at pratt institute

Design is often seen as a discipline that translates concepts and ideas into form. A translation, more than transcoding a message, is supposed to transmit knowledge and expand both languages. In this workshop we will explore the idea of translation in design as a way to create better interactions that include dialogue and feedback.

Futurecasting 4pm-5pm Adam Pruden senior interaction designer frog design Jenny Savage visual designer frog design

“Futurecasting” is a 1-hr workshop that will teach designers how to envision the future of design, technology & society.

When Hard Meets Soft: Interaction Across Platform 5pm-6pm Rebecca Ackerman experience design lead at project florida

A workshop on designing interactions across hardware and software systems, with an eye towards solving real world problems with flexible technology.

Pratt Free School is sponsored and organzied by the Pratt GradComD Communications Committee. The event is student run
and organized. For more information please email us at [email protected] or visit the Free School Facebook Page.

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