Graduate Architecture and Urban Design Programs

Graduate Architecture

The first-professional Master of Architecture (M. Arch) is an 84-credit, three-year, professional degree program for students holding a four-year undergraduate degree in any field. The post-professional Master of Science, Architecture (M.S. Arch) is a 36-credit, three semester (Summer, Fall, Spring) program for those who hold an accredited five-year Bachelor’s of Architecture or the equivalent. The intensive curricula in these two programs require focused participation from the student. Master of Architecture is an NAAB accredited program. Students in the Master of Science, Architecture program are encouraged to develop specialized areas of research. The Master of Architecture program was founded in 2000, and its impact on the discipline has been recognized this year in the DesignIntelligence rankings with a regional rank of eighth in the northeast, the most competitive region in the United States.

Graduate Urban Design

The Graduate Architecture and Urban Design program offers a Master of Science, Architecture, and Urban Design. The program is 33 credits and three semesters (Summer, Fall, Spring). It is open to students holding a five-year, or equivalent, professional undergraduate degree in Architecture. The program begins in the summer semester with an intensive curriculum focused on concepts, theory, and representational / generative practices of Urban Design and continues with design studio and seminar courses toward a culminating project in the third semester. 

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