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The Pratt M.F.A. in Writing is a new and unique two-year program specifically designed to support and encourage intellectually rigorous and inspired writing practices that are philosophically, culturally and politically informed. The premise of the program is that writing can be transformative at all scales, from the personal to the social, and we aim to incubate such radically cosmopolitan, resolutely local, pleasure-filled, and potentially revolutionary poetic practices.

Our innovative approach to the M.F.A. curriculum discards the standard creative writing workshop in favor of collective critique sessions (where core faculty, guest artists, and peers working in multiple genres, all engage in weekly discussions and presentations of student work). Additionally, students take part in one-on-one guided mentorships, civic and urban exploration and fieldwork, and student-led collaborative seminars in Literature, Media Studies, Performance, Experimental Practices, Activism and Critical Theory, to name a few.

The Pratt M.F.A. therefore offers contemporary writers the tools and the support they need to build a practice that is responsive and adaptive (and even a form of resistance) to our rapidly evolving environmental and political times and to the enormous shifts taking place in media technologies. What can writing become now that the landscape for its production, distribution, and exchange includes not only books and journals, but also Internet platforms, digital technologies, video, audio, PDFs, blogs, and social media?

This program celebrates a broad vision of writing that is not genre specific but is instead inclusive of multiple modes of inscription, from fiction to poetry, performance to non-fiction, translation to cultural criticism, investigative journalism to digital media, documentary to science fiction. There is also a special focus on alternate or hybrid approaches to writing, with hybridity defined less as a mix of traditional genres and more as a set of interactive processes that can potentially generate new and transformative social spaces. What avant-garde experiments, what research, what interventions, what archives, what speech acts, what literary and artistic traditions, what genres, what media technologies, what theoretical frames, what narratives, and what materials are most suited to your artistic inquiries? We’ll help you figure that out as you begin to establish a creative practice that is sustainable across a lifetime of change.

Our core faculty of writers is diverse and internationally renowned. Their work traverses and often combines numerous disciplines: activism, performance art, translation, media and cultural theory, theater, fine art. Our course of study emphasizes collaboration, radical pedagogy, administrative transparency, and non-hierarchical learning.

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