Spatial Analysis and Visualization Initiative

Spatial Analysis and Visualization Initiative

The Spatial Analysis and Visualization Initiative (SAVI) at Pratt Institute is a Geographic Information Systems (GIS)-centered initiative that provides students and faculty across disciplines access to GIS and visualization resources. SAVI is dedicated to Pratt's commitment to benefit the greater community and provides services and GIS technical assistance to New York City-based nonprofit, civic, and community-based planning organizations, and offers a GIS and Design certificate program through the School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

SAVI maintains a database of spatial and informational data sets, available for public use on most networked computers at the Pratt Brooklyn campus. We continuously update the database with the latest census, spatial, and political data sets. We offer classes, workshops, and tutorials that empower users to create their own maps with our database,  ESRI’s ArcGIS software and free and open source software such as QGIS. SAVI also offers users the opportunity to create interactive maps on web platforms like CartoDB and use open-source JavaScript libraries to create interactive maps and graphics. We are here to work with you to meet your GIS and data visualization needs. 


SAVI is about fostering a collaborative learning community where faculty and students share ideas. We are advancing Pratt to the forefront of current data analysis and visualization technology. We collaborate with design studios, architecture workshops, planning forums and more to expand Pratt’s disciplines to incorporate geographical relationships and visualize community and regional assets.

Our reach also extends beyond the Pratt campus. SAVI works with nonprofits, community and civic planning organizations, and with community boards around New York City to demonstrate the benefits of GIS. Our latest mapping and data visualization technology and have empowered local organizations to create their own visions to improve the quality-of-life for their clients and constituents.