Because it’s more than what you’ll do–it’s where you’ll do it. 

Welcome to the cultural capital of the known universe. At Pratt Institute, you’ll be living, working, and creating alongside some of the world’s most interesting, most creative, and most inspiring minds. 

It’s partially because we’re in Brooklyn. It’s also because we’re in New York. It’s mostly because we’re Pratt. 

You’ll put in the work; inside the studio and classroom, and out in the world. A world that just happens to include the world’s greatest city and all the opportunities that New York provides. But even if you don’t leave campus, you’ll find a full array of services, programs and activities right here. It’s where you’ll grow as a thinker and artist. It’s where you’ll have our support every step of the way. And it’s where you will rise to every challenge you’ll find at Pratt.

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