Kerchuan Soong (B.I.D. ’16)

Kerchuan Soong (B.I.D. ‘16) was selected earlier this year to design the award for Legends 2015, Pratt Institute’s annual scholarship benefit honoring icons of art and design whose works have helped shape the cultural landscape.

Pratt’s Department of Industrial Design works with the Division of Institutional Advancement on the Legend award design project every year. Professor of Industrial Design Katrin Mueller-Russo chose Soong to design this year’s award based on the strength of her portfolio, and served as her faculty advisor through every stage of the process. 

Soong opted to work in ceramics, inspired by the possibilities of combining a traditional medium with modern form in her award design. Mueller-Russo selected Simon Pearce to fabricate the award based on their long tradition of American artisanry. 

 This short video on the making of the award offers a window into Soong’s inspiration and process.